About us

Zaufer is a premium quality automotive component brand that has proven itself in many countries worldwide and meets the high demands of modern consumers.

Developed by German engineers, it is manufactured on the production facilities of MOTORHERZ GmbH corporation, which allows for keeping its quality at the highest standards. Due to our experienced specialists, our spare parts correspond to original specifications, which enables us to reduce the costs of operating and repairing vehicles while maintaining high German quality standards.

The success of the company is mainly due to the highly qualified staff, attention to detail, smooth business processes, the use of advanced technologies in production and at the same time maintaining affordable prices.

Zaufer – alternators, turbochargers, starters, steering racks, fuel pumps and spare parts for them.

Every detail is essential. The ZAUFER logo guarantees you the excellent quality and safety of automotive components.

The warranty for the company's products is two years.

Product line

  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Turbochargers
  • Steering racks
  • Fuel pumps and spare parts for them


The company produces spare parts for cars, trucks, agricultural, road construction, and special equipment. The product range of the company includes more than 10000 items of automotive components, including

  • Starters

    Starters and spare parts for them.

  • Alternators

    Alternators and spare parts for them.

  • Turbochargers

    Turbochargers and spare parts for them.

  • Steering racks

    Steering racks and spare parts for them.

  • Fuel pumps

    Fuel pumps and spare parts for them.

Our advantages


Compliance with German standards, attention to detail

Modern technologies

The use of modern technologies to obtain a product with specifications that conform with the original.

Quality product

A quality product at an affordable price for its class

Wide product range

A wide product range, effective selection possible. Always in stock.

Interchangeability of components

Interchangeability of components. Warranty and post-warranty service, technical support.

All documentary components

All documentary components, including test results, certificates.

Key values

The company's mission, strategy, and culture are determined by a set of carefully selected values, which include customer success, relience, compliance with German standards, attention to detail, and solidity.

These values are the main force that guides our daily behavior and determines the decisions made at all levels of the company. They are easy to understand, and they are fundamental. Our values express the common beliefs shared by people from different countries and departments of the company and form the foundation of a high-performing culture that helps us bring out the best of the company. Working with us means being part of our reputation. All of our individual actions taken together determine what kind of team we are and how the world perceives us. Our company values help us along this path. 

Our mission

Our mission is to meet the market demand for high-quality automotive components that meet all the requirements of car manufacturers at a reasonable price.

We are developing the market and have accumulated extensive practical experience in solving the most challenging issues.


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MOTORHERZ GmbH Corporation supplies its products to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Hungary, Taiwan, and China. The head office is located in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Motorherz GmbH
13 Immermannstrasse, Dusseldorf,
Nordrhein-Westfalen, 40210 Germany